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Reasons to choose McMaster’s eHealth MSc program…

At eight months, McMaster’s eHealth MSc internship is the longest of any comparable program.

As the bridge of understanding between the classroom and the workplace, your internship is the perfect venue for refining your healthcare knowledge, business skills, and research interests.

The internship experience is central to your learning process, providing contact time well beyond most probationary periods for full-time work. Use it as an extended chance to explore areas of interest, develop insights and potential partners for your research, and build your network of professional contacts and collaborators.

Prospects for internships are well supported by the major hospitals in the GTHA , the brand new McMaster Health Campus, and the sizable healthcare and health sciences networks in Toronto and surrounding areas. Your options aren’t confined to this region, however. Many students find internships in their hometowns, provinces, and further afield.

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Application Cycle:  September 15, 2023 – January 14, 2024

Admissions Webinars:

December 12, 2023 at 3:00 pm – Click to Register

Sheila Richardson and Margaret Leyland will share information about the program, the internship, and the application process.

Please review the material on the How to Apply website before you begin your application.

Read about the application process and admission requirements on the eHealth website.