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Full-Time or Part-Time (Course Based)

Full-Time Program

There are three components of the full-time, course-based option:

  • 8 one-term courses
  • Development and presentation of a scholarly paper
  • Eight-month internship


You must successfully complete 8, one-term graduate courses (four compulsory core courses and four electives).

The required courses are:

  • Statistics for eHealth
  • Fundamentals of eHealth and the Canadian Healthcare System
  • Management Issues in eHealth
  • Modern Software Technology for eHealth

You can choose your other four courses from a list of approved electives. At least two of your electives must be level 700.

Scholarly Paper (Project)

The scholarly paper should reflect your understanding of the innovation, methodological, and management issues in the field of study you’ve chosen. It should show that you can independently discuss these issues concisely, critically, and coherently.

Your paper should not involve an extensively focused examination of a particular research issue, since it’s a scholarly essay, not a thesis.

The paper is evaluated by a first and second reader who are determined between the student and their advisor.


All students start the program in the fall term (September). There are three terms throughout the year.

  • Fall: September to December
  • Winter: January to April
  • Spring: May to August

Students complete three courses during each of the first two terms. Then they complete their internship in the third and fourth terms (May – December).
Students complete outstanding course-work and their scholarly paper when they return from internship in the Winter term (January – April).

The program must be completed within 36 months.

Part-Time Program

Requirements for the part-time program are the same as for the full-time, course-based option except:

  • No internship is required.
  • You have up to 5 years to complete the program part-time.

Although night classes and online options are available, flexibility to study during the day will be required.


Application Cycle:  September 15, 2023 – January 14, 2024

Admissions Webinars:

December 12, 2023 at 3:00 pm – Click to Register

Sheila Richardson and Margaret Leyland will share information about the program, the internship, and the application process.

Please review the material on the How to Apply website before you begin your application.

Read about the application process and admission requirements on the eHealth website.